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Business and The Music Industry Training Course

I will be delivering what I feel is the definitive “How to” training course for people who need to understand the business side of the music industry. It will be focussed on each individuals requirements and each group restricted in size to

 ensure everybody is included. It is a part time course run by Intune Addicts at the weekend, with a choice of Saturday or Sunday, starting in October, full details are available via the link below.Really excited about this!

Course Content:

Session 1      Understanding The Music Industry Today  – Past versus Present

Session 2      How to  Start out in the Digital World

Session 3       How to write Songs and the importance of collaboration. How to set up sessions

Session 4       How to manage your Brand and Perception

Session 5       How to set up your  Website/Central Hub

Session 6       How to set up effective DIY Strategies

Session 7       How to use Social Media and online Tools

Session 8       How to make The Video (often with NO budget!)

Session 9      Copyright & Collection Societies

Session 10    How to get a Manager

Session 11    How to get a Record Deal

Session 12    How to use The Media

Session 13    How to  Network effectively

Session 14    How to set up an effective promotion Campaign through to Release

Session 15    How to Tour effectively

Session 16   How to sell Merchandising

Session 17    How to run your Band as a Business

Session 18    How to find a publisher

Session 19    How to place music in Synchronisations

Session 20   How to avoid Band Conflicts and set up Band Agreements



2 responses

  1. Awesome site. I have been managing bands professionally for the last decade and always enjoy reading others tips and strategies.

    October 15, 2012 at 7:34 pm

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