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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Santa World Tour


Just want to wish all our clients, contacts, friends and associates a very Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year!

See you in 2013 with some amazing artists!


Business and The Music Industry Training Course

I will be delivering what I feel is the definitive “How to” training course for people who need to understand the business side of the music industry. It will be focussed on each individuals requirements and each group restricted in size to

 ensure everybody is included. It is a part time course run by Intune Addicts at the weekend, with a choice of Saturday or Sunday, starting in October, full details are available via the link below.Really excited about this!

Course Content:

Session 1      Understanding The Music Industry Today  – Past versus Present

Session 2      How to  Start out in the Digital World

Session 3       How to write Songs and the importance of collaboration. How to set up sessions

Session 4       How to manage your Brand and Perception

Session 5       How to set up your  Website/Central Hub

Session 6       How to set up effective DIY Strategies

Session 7       How to use Social Media and online Tools

Session 8       How to make The Video (often with NO budget!)

Session 9      Copyright & Collection Societies

Session 10    How to get a Manager

Session 11    How to get a Record Deal

Session 12    How to use The Media

Session 13    How to  Network effectively

Session 14    How to set up an effective promotion Campaign through to Release

Session 15    How to Tour effectively

Session 16   How to sell Merchandising

Session 17    How to run your Band as a Business

Session 18    How to find a publisher

Session 19    How to place music in Synchronisations

Session 20   How to avoid Band Conflicts and set up Band Agreements


A chance to earn some extra money!

Today Intune Addicts launch their Referral Programme!

In the Music Industry we know how difficult it can be to make money so they would like to reward you for your enthusiasm and help!


How it works

As a member of the programme, you can earn hundreds of pounds for every person you refer to use the services of Intune Addicts. There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer, so there’s no limit to how much you can earn.

Or, if you would like to share your reward we can arrange that too. Every time you refer someone you will select one of the following options:

  1. You receive a payment direct to your bank account.
  2. The person you refer receives money off the service(s) they book
  3. You split it – you receive a payment and the person you refer receives money off the cost of their services.
  4. If you decide to use our services you even get rewarded for “referring” yourself and you receive money off the service you book.

Please take a moment to read our step by step guide and start earning for your Intune Addicts referrals.

If you have any questions please call 020 8144 1055

Intune Addicts

At last a new site has been launched that provides the missing link of real artist development. Whether you are planning to start a band or whether you have an existing project it is time you took a look at what you are doing, or about to do, and make sure you get it right! It can be costly both financially and in terms of career progression if you make mistakes.

You need to invest in your business (it is the music BUSINESS after all!) and develop your project using the best practises available in order to ensure that you get noticed. The biggest battle is getting people to check you out! If the music and performance are great they will seal the deal. Bob James Management Services are proud to be associated with Intune Addicts and suggest you check out their website.

I will also be providing lectures through Intune Addicts for Business and The Music Industry. These part time courses are on Saturday or Sunday at weekends and will give you a “How to” guide to setting up your project in the Music Business and understanding how to get paid! Click here for details

New Artist Development Company Launched


A brand new Artist Development Company that also does Digital PR and offers part time training courses, has launched! Check out the website here

8 Questions and a Why

Seth Godin published these questions on his blog. These could apply to an artist.. read, think and answer truthfully!
  1. Who are you trying to please?
  2. What are you promising?
  3. How much money are you trying to make?
  4. How much freedom are you willing to trade for opportunity?
  5. What are you trying to change?
  6. What do you want people to say about you?
  7. Which people?
  8. Do we care about you?

(and after each answer, ask ‘why?’)

5 Experts Share 5 Social Media Tips For The Indie Musicians



Via the LA Times:

1. Be real. “It can’t just be about commerce. People want to connect with you and get to know you. They don’t want to connect with you if you’re just telling them to go buy your record. They don’t want you to be perfect, either. They want you to be real.” – Evan Greene, chief marketing officer, the Recording Academy

2. Pick a couple of services you like and focus on them. “There are so many services out there that trying to do everything and be everywhere is impossible. Play around with them. It’s okay to mess up. And don’t have a PR person handle your tweets. It should be all about having a real conversation with your fans.” – Kevin Rose, founder, Digg 

3. Have something unique. “There’s so much already out there, and people have so little time that having something unique about yourself and your music can give you a competitive advantage. Figure out what’s unique about you and ask: What is the distilled message? It has to be something so remarkable that other people will have to share it.” – Pete Cashmore, founder, Mashable

4. Share things that you are most excited about. “Share things you find, love, hate and create. Share the things you’ve made, even if it’s not finished yet. That’s what makes it engaging.” – David Karp, founder, Tumblr

5. Embrace anarchy. “We had an event called the summit. A thousand people would participate and become part of the recording process. I got a Twitter message from someone in Iran who was frustrated they couldn’t come. We came up with a program that allowed them to sit at home and participate. It’s a world of chaos at times. But there are lessons. It’s a fertile ground for creativity.” – Jared Leto, vocalist, guitarist and songwriter for the band 30 Seconds to Mars

It’s a hard days work!

The manager of 2011 really does have to be a master of all trades. From planning a strategy, to seeking investment, to running a promotion campaign, to acting as an agent, lawyer and all round business know it all… Every day is different in my world!

Over the past year I have had to use the skills developed building and running one of the UK’s most successful Promotion Companies to develop and build a label for a client.

It’s a new world and not one for the work shy! My day at the moment starts at 7.00am dealing with Asia (Going through business, mix snags and the such like) a quick break at 8.30am to do a school run then back by 9.15am to start my normal day, which seems on average to end about 10.00pm once I have managed to speak to writers in LA.. Coffee helps!

Its a new way of getting paid.. No more the security of a paycheck each month or being paid for the number of hours I put in, but being paid on results. If I generate money for my clients I get paid.

Isn’t that the way all employment is going? You get results you keep your Job. You fail you lose your Job. (Unless of course you are a politician or a CEO of a major Company – or a banker in which case the opposite applies!)

But I still get up with a spring in my step. I still manage to fit in lecturing (passing on some of the knowledge that I have built up over the years) to Music Industry students.. For the money? No (but it does help!) – Its because I care about my industry, because I love my job, because I believe in doing things differently and if I find a path is blocked finding a new way through until I get the result I seek… Passion that’s why I do this and a belief that I can in some small way make a difference… I’m not interested in spending the day moaning about the major changes to the Music Industry, I have to embrace them. They will not change back! Seek new ways of doing business or create new ways. Innovate, work hard and don’t be afraid of doing things differently. If people say you are wrong, don’t argue just prove they are wrong with results. Don’t expect anything, don’t wait for the phone to ring.. make things happen. These are the qualifications of todays manager.

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